November 2022 Product Updates: CSV Data Imports + More

Welcome to Gemini’s November 2022 Product Update! We are hard at work adding more features and functionality to ...
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Free Org Chart Template

What makes a good Org Chart Template?

An organizational chart template is a customizable document that allows you to build an org chart that matches ...
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Best Org Chart Software

Top 10 Org Chart Platforms

A company’s Org Chart is often created, prepared and updated by HR. Since they keep track of all ...
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3 Rules for Successful Restructure

Org restructures are here and as of early September, more than 41,000 workers in the U.S. tech sector ...
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How Automated Systems and Data Can Help with Acquisitions and Mergers

When your company goes through an acquisition, it can be a hectic time. Not only do you have ...
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What Makes Good Org Chart Software?

The process for creating and sharing org charts can be a painful one for everyone involved. HR managers ...
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