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Visualize Your Workforce

Easily visualize the entire workforce with Gemini’s data-rich Org Charts.  Simply connect your HRIS and Gemini will automatically generate a beautiful, interactive, always up to date Org Chart.

Visualizing the workforce isn’t just for HR. Gemini puts all of you people data in one place so everyone can see who is who and enable better people decisions.

Need an org chart template to start from? Download your free org chart templates here.

Rich People Profiles

Rich people profiles help you find the right people in every circumstance. Certifications, Degrees, and experience give you and your team an easy way to find and learn about each other.  Gemini also displays employees on a global map or in a detailed directory.

Gemini makes it easy to find exactly the right person.

Compensation Data

Worker & Position Attributes

Succession Planning

Gemini People Profiles
Gemini Integrations

Single Source of Truth

One of the biggest issues facing HR managers is that data they need exists across the company in different systems and spreadsheets.

The data Gemini collects is normalized within Gemini for easy visualization of your entire workforce including employees, contracts and contingent workers.

Export Org Charts, Your Way

Powerful export features enable you to visualize Org Charts in the way you want to share.  Have an important presentation coming up and need to represent your team visually?  We got you!




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