Position and Talent Management


Manage and Plan Using Your People Data

Make your headcount and compensation decision data-led by using insights from Gemini when planning open positions, new hires or worker re-orgs. Talent decision collaboration becomes easy when your data is visually available to all in a digestible format.

Use Gemini’s custom attribute tagging at the position and worker level to identify critical positions and skillsets. You’ll be able to understand the skills and attributes of the workers that fill your critical positions. Imagine being able to visualize what critical positions in the organization are filled by high performers, to determine where your current gaps are.

With Gemini, HR and management can match talent to the right positions so you can design the best version of your organization.

Open Position Management

Visualize your open positions by department, location, projected start date, job discipline, and more. Gemini’s powerful filters help your people leaders and finance pros collaborate on the flow of new talent coming into the organization.

Post open roles on the live org chart to let your people know about opportunities to advance or to find the best fit within your company and increase applications from internal candidates.

From forecasting based on projected start dates to visualizing how a team’s future growth, Gemini’s open position management and visualization is vital for any people leader.

Open Position
Succession Plan

Succession Planning

Gemini’s Succession Planner offers real-time insights into the talent and leadership pipeline. Assign attributes to your workforce like succession eligibility and attrition risk to identify gaps in your succession plans. Using succession phases and time frames, your Workers can be categorized by those with immediate succession demand, those that are ready, those you are developing and those that you want to watch. Succession planner is a simple, structured pathway to succession that develops and promotes internal talent and ensures smooth transitions.

ATS Integrations

Integrate Gemini with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to easily load and update open roles, giving everyone a real-time view of your entire organization.


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