Our Solutions

Gemini is a powerful HR platform that helps organizations manage their workforce with ease. With a wide range of features, including org chart visualization, org design, headcount planning, and more, Gemini provides a comprehensive solution for managing your people data.

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Gemini can help you manage your workforce more effectively. Discover Gemini's solutions today andĀ unlock the power of your people data to create the best version of your organization.

Org Chart

Gemini's Org Chart is the ultimate workforce visualization tool for your organization. With our data-rich charts, you can easily see the entire workforce like never before.

Org Design

Gemini's Org Design allows you to create and modify organizational structures with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Add detailed profiles for each employee, complete with photos and job titles.

Headcount Planning

Gemini's Headcount Planning is a powerful feature that helps you plan and manage your workforce more effectively. With custom scenarios, you can model different headcount levels based on your business needs.

Position and Talent Management

Gemini offers a powerful solution for data-led headcount and compensation decision making. With Gemini you can match talent to the right positions and design the best version of your organization.