Headcount Planning


Scenario Planning, Made Easy

Create a sandbox for scenario planning, experiment with organization changes and see the financial impact in real-time.

You can quickly create new positions, move managers, move an entire team from one manager to another or move employees to a bench for future consideration - the possibilities are endless!

Compare Scenarios

Quickly compare different scenarios against each other in our scenario comparison tool. Understand budget differences, headcount differences, location differences and more!

Scenario Comparison

Headcount Plans

Improve your work life!  Gemini is the one place for all of your managers to create, edit and collaborate on headcount plans with you, so never again will you have to find and reconcile a dozen headcount plans from every stakeholder.

Right now, your company probably has dozens of headcount plans. Gemini is the perfect tool to consolidate all those plans so everyone is on the same page.

Secure Stakeholder Collaboration

One of the great benefits of Gemini is that stakeholders can access a single source of truth from nearly anywhere.

Stakeholders in headcount planning tend to be dispersed across your company and are challenging to wrangle.  Gemini make this convenient and safe via easy-to-use security controls.

Real-time collaboration

Security Controls

Export and Share

Share Scenario

Find out how Gemini can help you create the best version of your organization.

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