The CFO's Secret Weapon:

Workforce Rebalancing

Gain unprecedented clarity of your labor costs and drive profits with our workforce assessment, OrgBalance Pro


Gemini OrgBalance

Our CFO-focused service is designed to revolutionize your approach to workforce cost analysis. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual processes and hello to streamlined insights that help you optimize your financial future.


In just four weeks, our team empowers you to prepare for budget season, confirm suspicions of overspending, and reclaim your valuable time.

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Effortless Labor Cost Clarity

Unlocking critical insights into your workforce costs has never been easier. Our CFO-centric service automates the cumbersome analysis process, giving you the tools you need to identify areas of over-investment, trim bloated management, and eliminate inefficiencies.


Get ready to maximize your financial future, hassle-free.


Be Budget Season Ready

Equip yourself with the data-driven firepower you need for budget season success. Our four-week process ensures you're well-prepared to make informed decisions.


With OrgBalance, you can confidently navigate budget discussions, optimize resource allocation, and drive financial excellence.



Confirm Your Suspicions

Put your overspending suspicions to rest with our comprehensive analysis. Our service not only confirms your hunches but also provides actionable insights to address the issue. 

Reclaim control over your budget and finances with data-driven certainty.


Save Valuable Time

Time is money, and our CFO solution gives you both. By automating the labor-intensive workforce cost analysis, we hand back precious hours to focus on strategic financial decisions.


Let us do the heavy lifting while you enjoy the benefits of efficiency.

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Leverage Gemini's Proprietary Planning Technology

Gain acess to Gemini, our powerful people planning technology solution that facilitates the entire headcount planning process.


We'll equip you with the tools to be successful now and into the future.


Ready to rebalance your workforce?

Let our team of experts help you gain unprecedented clarity on your headcount spend.