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Design for Rapid Growth

Rapid growth can lead to severe organizational growing pains and missed opportunities. In the war for talent, organizations need to be able to see and plan far into the future.

It's easy to let rapid growth get away from you. Make sure that your plans for the future are ironclad with Gemini.

Design for an Org Restructure

Restructuring can have far-reaching effects on your company, and having an easy way to collaborate and quickly create different scenarios with the right people is crucial.

Gemini can help you reimagine your company and understand the financial impacts of those decisions before you make them.

Gemini Reduction
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Design for a Reduction in Force

A Reduction in Force (RIF) requires a plan that permanently eliminates positions across your workforce to achieve financial goals and streamline the business.

When a RIF takes place, team member morale can take a big hit and you may lose employees that you hoped to retain. That's why it's important to make these changes responsibly and understand the impact on your remaining team and culture.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Gemini brings together multiple sources of people data from you organization and companies you are acquiring. Gemini enables you to plan post-merger integrations and collaborate on future design.

In addition, Gemini enables synergy planning and financial planning, so you can identify and track financial benefits.

Synergy benefits

Create multiple scenarios to evaluate

Utilize the latest people data

Gemini Mergers and Acquisitions

Need a hands-on approach?

Our expert transformation team is here to partner with you, through big changes like M&A and restructuring.

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