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What makes a good Org Chart Template?

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An organizational chart template is a customizable document that allows you to build an org chart that matches your business or department strategy, complexity, and goals.

What is an Org chart?

An organizational chart is a diagram that visually represents the company’s internal structure by detailing the roles and responsibilities of each employee. Org charts are a powerful management tool that can be used for:

  • Headcount Planning. Make sure that your company has the right number of employees and skills to execute your business strategy without wasting resources.

  • Improve internal communications. Help employees understand who reports to whom or assist people in getting to know one another throughout the organization.

  • Restructure. It’s easier to find parts of your organizational structure that are performing well and those that can benefit from restructuring.

What is an Org Chart template?

There are plenty of options available to maintain this sort of document, such as spreadsheets or PowerPoint visuals. But nowadays, you need the tools that bring all of your people data and leaders together. There are some powerful org chart software, like Gemini, that can build a template within minutes. 

Org chart software allows you to build great and useful templates that include:

  • Employee profile. You can add basic contact information, such as phone number, email address and position. With org software like Gemini, you can create rich profiles, including certifications, degrees, and experience, giving your team an easy way to learn more about each other.

  • Photo. You can add pictures to different levels in your org chart to make it more visually appealing. Adding employee photos allows people to connect faces and names.

  • Intuitive Design. The template is easy to customize and understand. Employees comprehend the internal management structure, how the fit in the company and the responsibilities they own.

Free Org Chart Templates

Creating an org chart from scratch requires a lot of time. Defining the necessary roles to make a functioning company can be challenging and exhausting. If you don’t know where to begin, today’s your lucky day. The Gemini team has prepared some visual guides that will help you to lay out your org chart templates.

The best of all, you can download them here for free:

If you still need help or want to create your org chart with Gemini, feel free to contact us and ask for a demo. Let’s unlock the power of your people data to create the best version of your organization!

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