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November 2022 Product Updates: CSV Data Imports + More

Product Updates

Welcome to Gemini’s November 2022 Product Update! We are hard at work adding more features and functionality to Gemini as we strive to make it the best software available to visualize and design the best version of your organization.

This month we have three exciting feature updates we want to focus on and celebrate:

  • Import Workers & Positions
  • Added Competencies Quick Filter
  • Horizontal Chart Views

Check out the descriptions below for additional details on how each of these new features can make your life easier!


Gemini now has the ability to upload your worker and position information via CSV Data Import.

Our easy to use import templates allow you to quickly upload spreadsheets into Gemini and have that data populate across the platform. You can also download your existing Gemini data so you can add to it anytime and re-import back into your organization.


With our latest filter feature, you can click a button and select the competencies you want to filter for in searching your people data. Want to search for employees in your company that are Sigma Six Black Belts or Certified Scrum Masters? A few clicks and that information is literally at your fingertips. Drilling down on your company data has never been easier! To see this feature in action, click HERE to schedule a live demo with a Gemini Expert Team Member!


Gemini now gives you the power to see your organization from a whole new angle – literally! With the new Horizontal Chart View option, you can visualize your company data in a way that lets you “drill down” into and see the information you need in a whole new way. With both vertical and horizontal viewing, Gemini delivers the display options that will help you better visualize your organization.

Gemini continues to develop and implement new and innovative features that will truly make a difference in your HR Analytics efforts. Come be part of our Road Map team and help us develop the features you feel would have the greatest impact on your organization.

Click HERE to schedule a no-obligation demo and learn how Gemini delivers a better way to drill down and manage your people data!

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