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April 2023 Product Updates: Automate CSV Imports & More!

Product Updates

During the month of April, we focused on welcoming new customers aboard and building out enhancements to Gemini that improve our workforce planning tools. Our customers help drive our roadmap and the features in this month’s product update are a reflection of these strong partnerships.

We’re excited to share the follow updates and new features with you:

This month we are excited to share the following updates and new features:

  • Org Chart Multi-Select and Bulk Update
  • Stacked Chart Layout Improvements
  • Feature: New CSV Import API + UI
  • Feature: Responsive Design Improvements

To take a deeper dive into these powerful tools for HR and Finance leaders, schedule a meeting with Joshua, our Chief Product Officer.

Org Chart Multi-Select and Bulk Update

Gemini’s Org Chart Multi-Select and Bulk Update feature now makes it easier than ever to make large-scale changes to your org chart. With the click of a button you can now select multiple Workers and/or Open Positions and make bulk updates and edits to all selections.

(Above) Select multiple Workers and/or Open Positions in Org Chart View and those selections appear in the callout column to the left

(Above) Then select what you want edited in the Bulk Edit Menu

Stacked Chart Layout Improvements

Hold the scrolling! Gemini now makes it easier to visualize and work with large organizations and scenarios as you have multiple layouts to choose from.

Our newest option is the Stacked Chart Layout where direct reports are arranged in columns directly beneath the manager rather than fanned out horizontally. This option reduces the amount of scrolling required to see your entire org and makes navigating your workforce faster and more efficient.

Vertical, Horizontal, Traditional or Stacked? The choice is now yours.

CSV Import API + UI

We have rolled out our first developer-oriented feature – our new CSV import API! You can now manage API keys through our admin console, and use them with our API to help automate loading data into Gemini.

Responsive Design Improvements

One of our ongoing efforts is to enhance Gemini’s responsiveness across a range of screen resolutions, making the platform more mobile-friendly and accessible. These updates are part of our commitment to ensuring Gemini remains adaptable to evolving customer needs and technology trends.

Want to learn more about how Gemini delivers greater insight into your org and helps you make better decisions with your people data?

If you have questions, want to see more or have additional feedback on how we can make the platform better, we want to hear from you!

Gemini customers can reach out to their Customer Success Managers to schedule time with our product team.

If you’re not currently using Gemini, book a demo today with Joshua, our Chief Product Officer and learn how we can help you design the best version of your organization.

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