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February 2023 Product Update: Worker Attribute Lens

Product Updates

The new year marches on and so does Gemini’s efforts to increase the capabilities of the platform.

We’re excited to announce the following updates:

  • Fully Customizable Worker Attribute Lens™
  • The ability to Apply Lenses™ in the Grid View pane
  • Newly designed Data Import menu
  • Full-Time Drag-and-Drop Capability
  • One-Click “Select All” Workers in List View

Check out the summaries below for more details on these exciting new developments!

And, of course, to learn more about how Gemini can take your company to the next level in terms of organizational insight and efficiency, book a demo today with one of our Customer Success Managers!

Worker Attribute Lens™

We are very excited to introduce the Worker Attribute Lens™ to the Gemini tool belt. With this new addition to the Lenses™ suite of search options, the power of the platform is further enhanced as you now have the ability to delve deeper into your company data than ever before.

Whether looking for employees with AWS Certification, identifying your company’s top performers, or recognizing who is – or is not – hitting company revenue goals, with the Worker Attribute Lens™ the ability to drill down into your organization opens up endless possibilities for getting the exact information you need, when you need it, delivering a more in-depth, nuanced, and detailed view of your organization.

Lenses™ on Worker Grid View

Gemini is expanding the awesome power of Lenses™ to include all our view options – starting with the Grid.

Combining Lenses™ – Gemini’s proprietary workplace analytics filtering tool – with the Photo Grid View of your company helps you focus on the people within your organization and makes the Filter + Lenses™ functionality a more powerful combination allowing deeper, more detailed dives into your data.

New Import Menu

Now easier and more direct, Gemini’s new Import Menu delivers the option to import data in four separate categories: Workers & Open Positions, Open Positions, Departments, and Locations.

This new functionality allows you to more quickly and easily harness the power of Gemini as your company details and information can be directly uploaded and automatically integrated into their specific areas of the platform.

Drag and Drop Enabled Full-Time

Our Drag and Drop capability allows you to move a Worker or Open Position around your Org Chart to make changes to reporting structure.

Enabling the Drag and Drop capability at all times delivers quicker scenario manipulation and even greater efficiency and ease of use as you work to better visualize and optimize your organizational structure.

Select All On Worker List Option

Need to make a broad update to all the workers within certain departments or even make sweeping record changes company-wide? With the new “Select All” feature, you can now collect all the employees within your selected parameters with the click of a button as you work to visualize departments, optimize your organization and benefit from the real data-diving capabilities of Gemini.

Want to learn more?

If you have questions or additional feedback on how we can make the platform better – we want to hear from you! Gemini customers can reach out to their Customer Success Managers to schedule time with our product team.

If you’re not using Gemini, book a demo today to learn how we can help you design the best version of your organization.

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