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Fall 2023 Product Update: Headcount Forecasting & Business Units

Product Updates

At Gemini, we’re committed to providing you with advanced tools for a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s structure, both now and in the future. This fall, we’re introducing new capabilities focused on forecasting changes to your workforce and visualizing the unique structures of your teams.

We are excited to share the following new capabilities:

  • Headcount Forecast Report
  • Upcoming Departures Report
  • Business Units

Continue reading to learn more about these exciting updates!

Headcount Forecast Report

With Gemini’s new Headcount Forecast Report, you can effortlessly project your headcount costs over time, providing visual insights into your company’s financial future. You can forecast headcount by department and managers to proactively identify cash flow and talent changes within your specified timeframe.

Say goodbye to budgeting guesswork with forecasting your headcount and welcome a more strategic and financially stable approach.

Upcoming Departures Report

At Gemini, we recognize the significant impact employee turnover can have on your business. You need a better way to visualize when team members are leaving the company so you can be prepared.

With Gemini’s Upcoming Departures Report, track and analyze departmental departures to gain insights into turnover trends, proactively shape HR strategies, and maintain a high-performing team.

Business Units

Many companies operate with several unique business units which can be challenging to visualize on an org chart. That’s why Gemini is introducing Business Units into the platform allowing you to:

  • Create Business Units
  • Choose Brand Colors
  • Assign Workers
  • Visualize and Filter

This new capability will give you a holistic understanding of your company’s internal structure, making it easier than ever to oversee and optimize departmental performance.

Want to learn more about Gemini? Book a demo with our Chief Product Officer today!

If you have questions, want to see more or have additional feedback on how we can make the platform better, we want to hear from you!

Book a demo today with Joshua, our Chief Product Officer and learn how we can help you design the best version of your organization.

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