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What Makes Good Org Chart Software?

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The process for creating and sharing org charts can be a painful one for everyone involved. HR managers can be frustrated by withdrawing information from spreadsheets or clunky HRIS’s, and having to manually insert that information into a PowerPoint slide doesn’t make them feel better.

HR managers can be frustrated by combining information from multiple places and having to manually update information knowing that the updates will only live in one place and are not maintainable.

Once these manual org charts are shared, they are very challenging to update, track changes and re-share. Many times changes are discussed meetings but different parties heard different things. In 2022, it’s time to utilize org chart software. If so, how do you know you’ve picked a good one? It’s vital to consider integrations, scenario capabilities, ease of access, and security when choosing an org chart software.


Integrating with your existing systems to automatically update your org chart and profiles is a key point point of org chart software. Time spent collecting and collating information for org charts can be better spent elsewhere. Org chart software exists to make life easier, so it should make those automatically updated org charts accessible to everyone who could need them. Executives won’t need to ask the HR team for something they can sign into and see themselves.


Not only does org chart software give you an accurate view of your current situation, but it should be the tool for planning your company’s future. Org charts should help you understand where you have extra capacity, where you are under resourced, and what the situation looks like in areas of growth. With a good software, you should be able to easily see the impact of headcount planning decisions. Org charts with a drag and drop feature like Gemini make the program easy to use so there are no training costs.

Ease of access

When org charts are used to make headcount plans, there are always a few stakeholders left out of the process for practical reasons. When too many people attend a meeting, sometimes from across time zones, the process can become very cumbersome. With good org chart software, you should be able to include anybody with an interest in the results from wherever they are. The org chart software acts as a single source of organizational change so there aren’t widely varying scenarios for the future across your company. Org chart software can be the driver for company-wide collaboration for the future.


A good software will have layers of permissions throughout to protect sensitive information and progress. In Gemini, each section of a rich profile has layers of permissions, so sensitive information is available only to those who need it. Scenarios also have layers of permissions so you can share ideas without allowing people to make changes.

Org chart software can make life much easier for human resource teams, but it is important to get the right software. What integrations a software has can be the difference between an effective tool and a burdensome system. Headcount planning capabilities and ease of access mean that your tool will be more useful than a hardcopy of an org chart and strong security credentials ensure that IT will sign off on the project. Achieving your goals in headcount planning will be easier if you carefully chose your org chart software.

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