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January 2023 Product Updates: Customize Org Chart Cards

Product Updates

The Gemini team keeps the spirit of the new year rolling as we introduce powerful new features based on the insight and feedback of our growing customer base!

January’s updates include new ways to visualize and measure your people data, further increasing your ability to understand your organization across a number of different metrics. 

Check out the summaries below for more info on these exciting new developments!

Visualize – Org Chart Card Customization

Gemini now features more robust options to customize individual employee Org Chart Cards, allowing greater visibility of the metrics that are important to you. You can toggle photos on or off for your worker cards and choose three unique fields to display the data you want to see across your Org Chart.

This new feature increases Gemini’s “at-a-glance” functionality delivering a greater level of understanding and immediately actionable data.

Quick Filter for Succession Planning

As the speed of business increases and the dynamics of employee movement continue to impact every organization, the need for succession planning has become more and more vital to helping companies maintain continuity and production.

Gemini’s new Quick Filter for Succession Plans allows you the ability to quickly identify worker’s in your organization that are lacking a succession plan. You can dive into their profiles and being building a succession plan or quickly export that list of workers to better understand potential gaps in your workforce.

New Lenses for Diversity Metrics

Gemini’s Development Team continues working to introduce new Lenses™ to help you better view, understand, and manage your organization. In just the past few weeks, we’ve focused on diversity metrics so you can design a more inclusive workforce. From gender to ethnicity, you can measure the composition of your teams and work with your people leaders to reach your diversity goals.

Here are the new Lenses™ launched in January:

  • Ethnic Diversity Ratio
  • Gender Diversity
  • Generation Ratio
  • Tenure
  • Benchmark to Level
  • Span of Control
  • Succession Planning

If you have an idea for a Gemini Lens that would deliver additional insight and access into your company’s people data, please let us know!

Want to learn more?

If you have questions or additional feedback on how we can make the platform better – we want to hear from you! Gemini customers can reach out to their Customer Success Managers to schedule time with our product team.

If you’re not using Gemini, book a demo today to learn how we can help you design the best version of your organization.

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