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Thriving in Change

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What does it take to thrive in change? We often find comfort in the familiar, but when changes happen around us, it can be difficult to keep up. Ideas that used to be automatic now require effort and concentration. Adapting requires an openness to new possibilities and a willingness to experiment. It’s a process that can be difficult, but it’s one that will lead us to success.

It seems like there’s never a dull moment in today’s economic environment. Businesses are constantly being restructured, struggling to stay afloat and making last-minute decisions. When facing this changes, it might seem at first blush that there are two obvious outcomes: A business leader can successfully navigate and survive these shifts, or they can falter and fail.

However, there is a third option and the question to be asked is: Why are you only surviving change when you could be thriving in it?

More than Surviving

Change brings many emotions and experiences; some more welcome that others.

We get comfortable with our normal work habits but, when a business is growing (along with its team) at a rapid pace, there’s very little anyone can do to fully prevent change.

HBR makes the following two recommendations to minimize fear, anxiety, and stress – our natural reactions to change.

1. Reduce the Noise

As a leader, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the right information and make good decisions. Noise is inescapable in today’s work environment, but it’s important to try to reduce it as much as possible.

To reduce this noise, leaders should ask themselves some of the following questions: What reports are being sent to employees who have no real use for them? What activities are continuing simply because that is how we have always done things? What trends are redundant or only marginally useful? What frequency is truly appropriate for meetings, reports, and any repeat activities?

Gemini strives to help you reduce the amount of noise in your life and use the people data in your organization in the most helpful ways possible. Providing rich employee’s profiles or customizable reports with the exact information you want to see and giving a visualization of your org chart are just some ways that Gemini can help you reduce unnecessary noise.

2. Eliminate Unnecessary Uncertainty

Looking for ways to eliminate uncertainty can feel challenging, but it’s not a lost cause. Oftentimes, software may be the solution.

For example, one type of uncertainty one may face when leading a fast-growing organization is dealing with reorganizations and adding new employees. If the head of the marketing department hires three new people for the marketing team, is that going to cost more than pulling people with the right skills from the already oversized public relations team instead? Gemini can also help you answer these questions with Headcount Planning, creating different organization scenarios and compare costs, experiment with organization changes and see the financial impact in real-time.

Transparency around what is known, what is unknown, what actions are being taken, and what outcomes are anticipated can provide context and prevent unfounded fear or anxiety.

Thriving through change is closer than you might think if you’re able to utilize change to your advantage. Having the right techniques and tools like Gemini in your back pocket can help you get there. After all, don’t dread that your organization is successful and growing very quickly. Use that to your advantage and apply the right software to help you tackle the growth.

Let’s thrive in change together!

Discover how Gemini can help you succeed with your business and people growth strategies. Book a demo today and lets unlock the power of your people data to create the best version of your organization.

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