The World’s First
Human Capital Finance Platform

Powering The Next Generation of FP&A

Gemini revolutionizes Finance, Planning & Analysis with a new category of software that puts the finance team at the center of the process with total visibility and control of your company’s most important asset – your people.

The Next Generation of FP&A is Powered by Gemini

Gemini is a next generation financial planning platform designed from the ground up to put finance in the driver’s seat for all enterprise planning activities.  

The role of FP&A in decision making has become more critical than ever before. But human capital data is siloed across the organization.  Gemini harnesses people data from siloed sources–across the enterprise, creating a more agile and collaborative planning process.  

We call it the Human Capital Finance Platform.

Typical vs. Gemini Powered FP&A


Make People Part of the FP&A Process

Your people are your most valuable asset, yet human capital data is often scattered across systems and managed by multiple departments.  Because of this your people data is disconnected from the planning processes.

Effectively planning for change requires a single comprehensive view of your organization. With Gemini, the Finance team is uniquely positioned to drive continuous company-wide decision initiatives.

Gemini is the first platform to make people data part of the entire FP&A process.

Finance Teams Need Good Data to Make Good Decisions

In more and more highly successful companies, Finance determines the size and shape of the organization. But the question is often how to determine the right size and application of your human capital.  Many of your best employees have responsibilities across various teams and products. Understanding spans of control, cost centers, reporting structures, contingent worker contribution, and daily work locations (on premisis vs remote) is a lot to manage. Gemini brings transparency and structure to an otherwise challenging and oftentimes disjointed process.

Take Control of Your FP&A

Have confidence in your decision making with total visibility and control of your people data. We measure success in weeks, not months, so we’ve made implementing Gemini fast and easy. 

We’d like to show you how Gemini can fit into your enterprise planning activities.