Workforce planning & analytics reimagined

Gemini revolutionizes workforce planning and analytics for every company’s most important resource – its people. Gemini is workforce planning & analytics reimagined.

Q3 Restructuring
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Putting you in the driver’s seat for workforce planning

The impact of workforce planning and rapid decision making is more critical than ever before. Human capital data is siloed across the organization, making collaboration difficult. And we all know sharing spreadsheets is not the answer.

Enter Gemini, a next generation workforce planning platform designed to put you in the driver’s seat for all enterprise planning activities.

Gemini powered data

HR analytics with none of the heavy lifting

Gemini harnesses people data from siloed sources across the enterprise. It makes life easier for the whole business and creates a more agile and collaborative decision making process. Leaving you to work confidently on just the important stuff.

Advanced Scenario Planning

View the business from every angle–even those which don’t yet exist

Get a complete 360 view of how resources are used across the enterprise. Then remodel that view into any scenario you can imagine, as many times as you like. Drag and drop to see how the changes effect the bottom line – in real time. Save, share, compare.

It’s planning power you could only previously have dreamed of.

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Project teams

Instant up-to-date reporting on every team in the business

Keep track of every cost center, every group, every team – however big or small. Gemini gathers and calculates all key information based on the members of the team and their time spent. Maintain a detailed picture of where and how budget is being used.

Single source of truth

Always up to date.
Always complete.
Always available.

Your people are your most valuable resource, yet human capital data is often scattered across systems and managed by multiple departments. Because of this your people data is disconnected from the planning processes.

Gemini is the first platform to make people data part of your organizational planning process.

Gemini was born to enable everyone to understand and pilot the organizations they inhabit. It also allows an organization’s leaders, analysts and specialists at every level to easily access clean data for better, faster more accurate decision making

Jason Kap, CEO Blue Rocket Inc

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