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Gemini isn’t only for traditional business structures but also fully supports franchise models, non-profits & volunteer groups, distributor networks, education, and business conglomerates.

Executive Leadership

Executives are often tasked with critical decisions that are not only monumental for the business but for the lives of each worker. Better optics into the entire workforce means better decision making and more informed adjustments when change is needed. Gemini provides access and transparency where the HRIS falls short, giving leaders the certainty that their decisions have taken a more balanced and informed approach.

Line Managers

No longer do line managers need to make regular requests to HR, IT, or Finance to get at information on their team. Gemini’s permission control system allows access to managers looking to better organize and manage their team without opening up larger, more sensitive data sets.

HR Professionals

Gemini is easier to operate than your HRIS – make changes, produce models, get data and see your company through this lens and let the HRIS system sit in the background.

Most companies don’t want to pay costly license fees to support their full workforce. Save money and bring systems together to one unified repository of all worker data.


Understanding your cost centers has always been challenging even with well-tuned ERP solutions. Generally speaking, salaries often make up a good percentage of cost and yet proper salary allocation based on cross functional team assignments has been challenging to track and predict. Gemini makes it easy to understand where worker costs are being allocated in both their respective roles and unplanned team assignments.

Probability of Improving Your Critical Safety and Risk Management Health – 100%

“We have pioneered a new generation of risk and safety metrics.” – Dave Murphy | Pepper Construction

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