Gemini supports traditional business structures as well as franchise, joint venture, holding company, non-profit, distributor networks, education and business conglomerates.

Spans, Layers, and Lenses provide a holistic view of your workforce

Better understand those who power your products, services, infrastructure, sales and marketing.

Every organization has blindspots or untapped resources – and in many cases hidden liabilities. Gemini allows businesses to dive much deeper into the workforce through advanced tools designed to analyze worker data by worker types, departments, teams, locations, and even history. Don’t rely on guesswork or a hodgepodge of Payroll Data, HRIS data, HCM and facility maps. Gemini brings it all together.

Powerful Search Features


From companies with 100 employees to conglomerates supporting tens of thousands of workers, Gemini uses filters to quickly reduce and simplify your searches into meaningful and organized lists.


Like shining a spotlight onto key characteristics or attributes of your workforce, Highlights don’t reduce your filters and queries but rather ‘expose’ them through visual indicators.

Gemini integrates with a wide variety of industry leading platforms, allowing an always up-to-date snapshot of the business.

Finally a bridge between your HR, Finance, and IT systems.

Integration with Payroll, HRIS, HCM, and ID systems helps streamline the flow of data and enables your teams and leaders to access oftentimes siloed data with assurity of security and privacy based on roles and permissions.

Gemini has integrations into some of the most popular platforms on the market, making it easy to import the data you need.

Not on our list of integrations? No problem. Automated or Manual CSV imports will ingest data from any third party worker data without increasing complexity or undermining security.

Gemini brings visibility and automation into Teams and cross-functional Task Units

75% of corporate workers admit that their day-to-day activities rely less on their formal reporting heiarchy and more on cross-functional team collaboration. This is why Gemini is loaded with features designed to better understand and organize teams.

From Team Design to Talent Drafting, Gemini is not just a reporting platform but a utility to assist in strategy and optimization. Layering financial data onto your teams will give your leadership better optics into cost centers that are often neglected.

Probability of Improving Your Critical Safety and Risk Management Health – 100%

“We have pioneered a new generation of risk and safety metrics.” – Dave Murphy | Pepper Construction

How it works

Critical Event and Life-safety Communications

Dispatching sensitive communications has never been easier. Protect your staff in a few clicks.

More than ever, businesses need the ability to send out critical communications to staff when and where it is needed. Gemini provides managers, department leads, HR leaders, and other executive leadership the tools to ensure that workers are informed of potential threats or events surrounding specific locations or dates.

Whether it is a message about a viral outbreak or inclement weather, or simply building maintenance instructions, Gemini delivers SMS messages with full reporting on delivery, read reciepts, and responses to location requests.

Exporting to Excel and Powerpoint makes it easy to share and extend Gemini’s functionality

We know that many of our users are Excel jockies who like to put their own spin or expanded data sets to Gemini filters. This is why we have made it super simple to export your searches into familiar tools.

Simply Search, Filter, and Refine within Gemini and then SHARE to the format of your choice. CSV export, XLS, PDF, and PPT ensure that you have the data when and how you want it.

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