Customer Stories

We are proud to support these award winning customers.

Each is highly committed to excellence and recognized by their peers for continued improvement.

Jamie Dabbs -TDIndustries

“Our leaders get it—that safety, quality and production go together says Director of Safety Jamie Dabbs” : who has been in the TD Safety Department for almost 12 years. “Our company wants to operate in the construction space and have safety results that are world class regardless of industry, so my department has plenty of support and investment from leadership.”
“Previously our software was not easy for our field Partners to use—it was web-based but not mobile-friendly” : says Jamie. “We didn’t have good dashboards to review safety performance trends and opportunities or the ability to access dashboarding for all users. We needed more visibility from our safety processes, and this was an ineffective method to track safety inspections and observations.”
“The ease of use of the app is a win. Our team is always in it, so they are always engaged” : says Jamie. “My safety professionals can’t be at every location all the time, so we use SmartTagIt to quickly share safety alerts, review Pre-Task Safety Plans, and information across job sites, teams, and entire Business Units.”
“SmartTagIt helps us be intentional with safety engagement and adjust our safety processes to fit our specific safety objectives, which is one of the greatest ways to build an engaged safety culture” : he says. “It is a real partnership—one where we feel like they’re part of our team.”

Dave Murphy – Pepper Construction

“So much of our safety culture is built on the personal connections people forge and the all-hands-on-deck commitment to get everyone home safely at the end of each day.”
“It’s self-healing. It’s enabling people to help each other” : “When you can see and hear each other and everyone has the full context of a situation, then it enables an accelerated peer-to-peer opportunity for safety improvement.”
“I am delighted with how tradespeople have adopted SmarTagIt. In less than 60 days, my team collected more than 500 daily safety planning conversations. We immediately started using them for coaching and for getting those closest to the work more engaged”
“When I look at that video each day and I hear them talk, I feel like I’m more in touch with my foremen than I ever have been before.”
“It seems silly to think you would get this much from a two minute video. However, it’s amazing the take you can get on somebody from what they say and how they say it. You get a big smile on your face.”
“You can see them switched on. The sense of caring that comes out in these videos is huge” : “Some construction folks aren’t exactly great at showing emotions, but when you’re explaining hazards to people, you can’t help but do that.”

Lane Smith – DPR Construction

“As a Safety Manager, you dream of saving lives.”
“The guys really liked not having to keep up with the paper, and asking questions. It’s the only safety management system where I have project teams asking when they can get it, because they see it as better right away.”
“We often take out best worker, promote him and make him our worst supervisor, with no more than a wish for good luck.
This leads to a leadership crisis, not a safety crisis.
SmartTagit, even though it’s for safety, is a leadership tool that helps coach great safety leaders to be what they used to be 15 years ago.”
““We’ve been able to invest in people. When project teams engage, and have a positive coaching interaction, that’s when we really win the hearts and minds of those closest to the work.”

Dan Saddler – Structure Tone Southwest

“SmartTagIt has pioneered a new way for us to improve critical daily safety conversations on the jobsite” : In October 2017, we implemented SmartTagIt to capture and record observations, JHAs, subcontractor daily journals and the permitting process, and integrated these with video.
I had three simple goals when it came to moving past pencil-whipping: remove barriers to use, increase engagement, and use the data. We had very little overall participation with field engagement from both our team and subcontractors’ field leaders.
Instead of going through the motions of scribbling notes on a form, what I really wanted was for the team to improve the daily planning conversations and how they thought about the potential hazards they might face. I also wanted my team to transition their focus from collecting paper to being daily safety planning coaches and a valued resource for our trade partners.
“Since using SmartTagIt, we’ve had a 25% reduction in accidents and injuries and 30% more man hours worked year over year from 2017 to 2018”
“Our leadership loves the insights we get from the SmartTagIt.”

Brent Bowers – Cupertino EIectric

Backed by a strong leadership commitment to safety, CEI’s 60 safety professionals sought to improve field engagement in safety processes. Previous safety technology systems at CEI had experienced lukewarm field adoption. Brent knew the value of technology and data in guiding his own work, but he chose to proceed with caution when it came to the field.
“Previously, the data we gathered were very rigid, and focused on lagging indicators, we didn’t have a lot of visibility into leading indicators and a good way to measure them” : says Brent. “We had 20 safety professionals collecting data, but little engagement from field operations.”
To facilitate field adoption, Brent sought a tool that would measure the performance of the PRAs and capture safety observations in real time. He turned to SmartTagIt to make this happen. SmartTagIt is a smartphone- based tool that automates the collection, reporting and analyses of safety processes.
“With SmartTagIt installed on every company device, we were able to give our foremen a tool to capture crew engagement” : “In addition, the tool allows us to recognize positive behaviors while also providing coaching opportunities to our crews.”
“Being able to see where incidents are occurring against what we see in the SmartTagIt system will help identify trends and areas to focus on.” “SmartTagIt has been instrumental in improving the front-line involvement in our safety culture, while also giving management a tool to measure safety performance on our projects.”

Ryan McCracken – Cupertino Electric Inc

“Cupertino Electric is the best company to work for and SmartTagIt is the best software I’ve ever used in my career as a safety professional, to reinforce safe behaviors and to continually improve safe work environments for our field personnel.”
“Transparency and an open-door policy help ensure adoption” : To encourage adoption, Ryan shared what he was doing with SmartTagIt and any resulting reports with field leadership and personnel. “Nobody wants to be unsafe but a lot of people have had bad experiences with subpar safety professionals in the past–-myself included. By explaining what SmartTagIt does—why I’m taking photos and what those observations are for— I’m making a huge difference in the attitude toward safety out in the field,” says Ryan.
“Hard data is just one part of the story context is key” : One of the great advantages of SmartTagIt is that I can track trends easily— not just at the project level, but individually as well. I can look at a week or two of one person’s PRA entries and see when they are mentally ‘not here’ based on the level of response to questions. These questions are about tasking, hazards and ways to mitigate them, so if someone who is normally very thorough suddenly starts writing only a line or two, I know that I need to spend some extra time with that person that day.
“Business context matters just as much” : “But just as critical for preventing future issues is understanding the data within an organizational framework. One way that Ryan gains this broader context and a more comprehensive view is by using keywords and hashtags. Hashtags make it easy to connect disparate observations into reportable categories, and streamline that research. As a safety guy, that’s unreal”. Building an all-inclusive safety culture with cutting edge behavior-based safety programs, as part of a team of like-minded safety professionals is Ryan’s dream job.

Tricia Kagerer – Jordan Foster Construction

“Checklist tools and form filling aren’t going to give you employee engagement.”
To keep people safe in modern work environments, it’s become necessary to evolve from just measuring if something was said, to measuring the quality of how information was exchanged, and embraced, during JHA or PreTask Planning conversations.
“There are a lot of platforms out there in the compliance checklist software market, but what SmartTagIt is doing is completely different.”
SmartTagIt combines data gathering applications and business analytics tools, along with video and image capture, to empower a safety network that keeps those closest to the work connected, informed, and engaged.
“Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have shown us there are new ways to get people engaged, and it’s time to embrace it in the construction industry”.
After all, it’s a fact that modern tech is providing safety with exciting new capabilities to grow. But for it to actually do so, we must refocus our efforts on what matters most—using technology to get those closest to the work engaged, each and every day.