A Global View of Your Workforce

Gemini ushers in a new category of software designed to visualize, analyze, predict, and automate your organization.

From its most important and costly asset, the people, to the departments in which they are organized to the locations where they do their work – be those offices, factories, their own homes or onsite with your customers, Gemini will let you see and operate your work world in entirely new ways.

Clear, concise and powerful workforce, organizational and location management

Many or your best employees have responsibilities across various teams and products. Understanding spans of control, cost centers, reporting structures, contingent worker contribution, and daily work locations (on premisis vs remote) is a lot to manage. Gemini brings transparency and structure to an otherwise challenging and oftentimes messy org chart.

Gemini Enables Informed Decision Making for Executives, Managers, HR, IT, and Finance.

Do you have a single view of your organization including full-time, part-time, contract, intern and vendor workers? You’re not alone. No one does. Gemini makes that easy tracking open positions and non-W2 employees free of charge. Finally, a place to have a single employee and position count across the company regardless of employee status or class

Does your current HRIS system do a good job managing contingent staff or on-prem vendors? How about international or remote workforce? Gemini makes seeing your entire workforce through a single lens painless.

Easier to operate than your HRIS – make changes, produce models, get data and see your organization through this lens and let the HRIS system sit in the background.

Re-write the text here. Does your current HRIS system do a good job managing contingent staff or on-prem vendors. How about international or remote workforce.

Gemini allows companies to track contingent workers and on-prem vendors that aren’t traditionally managed through Workday implementations.

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Probability of Improving Your Critical Safety and Risk Management Health – 100%

“We have pioneered a new generation of risk and safety metrics.” – Dave Murphy | Pepper Construction

How it works

How Gemini Helps

Executive Leadership

Better optics into the entire workforce means better data driving better decision making and better results



Line Managers

See your full organization, your peer organizations, find those that depend on you and those on whom you depend.



HR, IT, and Finance

No more scattered spreadsheets to track things like skills, certifications, cost centers, corporate hardware, licenses and spending controls.


Gemini’s graphical UI makes it easy to see where I’m spending money and where I should invest. It also improves data in my general ledger and HRIS systems by making errors in cost center and company code attribution blazingly clear.

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Location and Facility Management Made Easy

Go beyond your walls. Monitor, assign, and track your workforce where-ever they are.

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Powerful Search Features


From companies with 100 employees to conglomerates supporting tens of thousands of workers, Gemini uses filters to quickly reduce and simplify your searches into meaningful and organized lists..


Like shining a spotlight onto key characteristics or attributes of your workforce, Highlights don’t reduce your filters and queries but rather ‘expose’ them through visual indicators.

Get Started


Gemini starts at as little as $7 per month, per user.

Contact us today to better understand what features and benefits your organization will get from Gemini. We will be able to evaluate your business’s unique requirements and provide you with a custom quote.

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