Safety Engagement Delivers Real Business Results

December 30, 2019/by Barry Nelson

By utilizing Smart Tag It, TDIndustries has reduced the time required to complete Pre-Task Safety Plans by 50% while simultaneously improving the quality, consistency and visibility of its Safety Plans—potentially saving thousands of man hours per year.

Founded in 1946 in Dallas, Texas, TDIndustries is a premier mechanical subcontractor primarily serving Texas and Arizona, with a large footprint in the DFW area. The company’s 2700+ employees—known as Partners—are employee-owners, which means everyone has a stake in the company’s success.

Senior leadership at TDIndustries is committed to sustaining a strong safety culture, safety vision, and achieving best-in-class results.

“Our leaders get ‘it’—that safety, quality and production go together” says Director of Safety Jamie Dabbs, who has been in the TD Safety Department for almost 12 years. “Our company wants to operate in the construction space and have safety results that are world class regardless of industry, so my department has plenty of support and investment from leadership.”